SFHM Helps Build Church for Poor of Tondo in Manila

The living conditions of the 225,000 who live in the 16 villages of Tondo, a slum in Manila, Philippines, are dire.  Most live in temporary housing, collecting garbage for their livelihood.  Residents turn to prostitution and selling internal organs, such as kidneys, as a way to make money.  Children are sent to work, in some cases making less than $2 per day peeling garlic.

Drug abuse and drug-related violence, crime and human trafficking are widespread.  Sickness is common; the local government estimates that 80% are afflicted with tuberculosis.  Pollution is a serious problem, with the rivers black and filled with trash and a foul-smelling air.  The life expectancy of Tondo residents is 40 to 45 years.

As part of its efforts to help the poor of Tondo, Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry is helping to fund construction of San Pablo Apostle Catholic Church, a parish for the poor of Tondo.  Fr. Rey Daguitera, pastor, remarked, “I dream of having a decent church where they can gather, celebrate sacraments, thank and praise God … when we work together, miracles will happen.”

Miracles can happen.  Spirit Filled Hearts is committed to raising the needed funds to finish construction of San Pablo Apostle Catholic Church, and also to provide educational and work opportunities for Tondo’s poor. Click here to make a donation.