Deacon Steve Greco is a Roman Catholic deacon serving at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Irvine, in the Diocese of Orange, California. He serves under the Bishop of Orange, and is faithful to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church.

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Our Impact

Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry's goal is to touch as many souls possible with God's love.  We want to spread the love of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  We hope to achieve this goal by reaching people through encouraging seminars, radio programs, podcasts, videos, social media, books, recorded talks, international missions and pilgrimages.




Committed to bringing the Good News where the Lord calls us.  Spirit Filled Hearts evangelizes through international pilgrimages and mission trips.




Since our first seminar in 2014, Spirit Filled Hearts has lead over 150 seminars.  We look forward to continuing this ministry growth.




In 2014, the Empowered by the Spirit radio show started with one station. Today, our radio show now airs on 55 radios stations across the country.


Our Programs

Spirit Filled Hearts' seminars for parishes and religious groups are meant to impact in a powerful way.  Wherever a person is on their spiritual journey with the Lord, we want to make a difference to help guide people, encourage them and to let them know that they are not alone on this path.  Our talks and seminars are geared to assist with living a life with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to teach participants about their Catholic faith and what it means to live out their baptism.  



This seminar launches the attendee into a deeper relationship with God.  It involves talks, praise and worship and praying for the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit." It will assist with your excitement about your faith and understanding your purpose as a Catholic. 


Our Miracle Seminar is an exciting  way to learn how to pray and recognize God's miracles in your life.  Learn about your personal openness to receive God's miracles through taking our "Miracle Index" survey.


This seminar builds upon the Life in the Spirit experience but can be attended as a separate program. Learn more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, how to activate them in your life and become a missionary disciple for Jesus Christ.  


The parish mission includes Forgiveness, Growth in the Spirit, Marian Spirituality, The Power of Prayer, Every Day Miracles, Overcoming Adversity Through Faith, Divine Mercy and topics tailored for your parish needs.


Get Involved

Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry wants you!  Whether you are searching for a closer relationship with God, seeking to be a volunteer, or want to become a Spirit Filled Hearts prayer warrior, we want to hear from you!  


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